Myanmar - U.S. Chamber of Commerce (New York)

Member Benefits

Why would you want to join our chamber?

  1. To connect
  2. To participate
  3. Be informed
  4. To promote
  5. Share information and knowledge
  6. To advance your career
  7. To provide referrals

The benefits of joining our chamber are tangible and intangible, personal and professional.

To Connect

A Chamber of Commerce is an association of businessmen, traders, investors or other professionals who have the same or similar interests. The main aim of the Myanmar-US Chamber of Commerce is to promote commerce, trade and investments between the US and Myanmar.

By joining the chamber you get connected with other members by gaining access to the Members Mailing List, Members Forum and through your participation in events, seminars, conferences and delegations organized by the MMUSCC.

To Participate

As a member you can participate in all events, seminar, conferences and delegations organized by the MMUSCC. Since there are Individual members and corporate members, the membership rights will be slightly different. By participating in such events, you get to meet people from other companies as well as from other chambers and organizations. You get a change to interact, mingle, ask questions and even promote yourself and your business.

Be informed

Nowadays, in the fast changing world of business, trade, investment and commerce, it is very important to be well informed about the latest trends and events happening all over the world. The best way to be informed about what is happening in the business world is to be a member of a chamber of commerce where you are in the midst of other businessmen who are facing the same opportunities and challenges.

It is true that you can have much information, critical research and analysis from journals, magazines, books, radio and TV broadcasts. However, news happen so fast that you need to have the latest news before they hit the press or even get posted on the internet. That is why you need a good network of trusted business colleagues and friends to keep you informed. Being a member of the chamber of commerce gives you access to the best seminars, workshops, conferences where you can get valuable information provided by experienced and well-qualified professionals and business leaders.

To Promote

You may have a very good product or a good business but if you do not do any advertising or public relations work, your business will not prosper. By being a member of our chamber you can do sponsorships and take advantage of the many advertising opportunities that our chamber can offer. Here are some examples - advertisements on our website, in our Newsletters and publications and at our events such as seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions.
Share information and knowledge

The process of learning never ends for all of us. We all need information and knowledge. As a businessman you need to be up-to-date with all the news and information that are relevant to your business. The members of our chamber come from different sectors of the economy and from different levels of the management structure. There is one simple rule about information sharing, that is “if you don’t share good information others will not share it with you”. That is why we organize many events for our members to meet and interact with each other which give them ample opportunity to share information. When we organize panel discussions, we bring business leaders from many different lines of business so that the participants can benefit from their experience and knowledge. Information has to be relevant, correct and timely for you to make an important decision.

To advance your career

One of the best ways to promote your career is to network with professionals in the same line of business. By being a member of a chamber of commerce you can be among other professionals who share the same aspirations and concerns. To advance in your career it helps have a good mentor or a good role model. When you get the chance to meet and make friends with other senior members who have been successful in their own fields, you have the competitive edge over others who don't have these opportunities. If you are self-employed, being a member of a chamber of commerce will give you ample opportunities to give out your business cards and also explain what kind of services you are able to provide.

To provide referrals

Our chamber acts as a referral service for our members. We refer new residents and businesses  to our members.

What benefits can we give?

  1. Membership card
  2. Subscription to Online Newsletter
  3. Access to Members Only section in MMUSCC website.
  4. Access to Members Forum in MMUSCC website.
  5. Link from MMUSCC website to your company website.
  6. Invitation to all events, dinners and gathering organized by the MMUSCC or organized jointly with other chambers or organizations.
  7. Participation in delegations organized by the MMUSCC.
  8. Corporate members will be invited to CEO-level special events.
  9. Listing in the Official Business Directory.
  10. Special listing for Corporate Members with company profile.

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