Myanmar - U.S. Chamber of Commerce (New York)

Brief history

Aspirations for creating a Chamber of Commerce

The need for forming a joint chamber of commerce between the US and Myanmar has been discussed by many Myanmar born US citizens, former Myanmar citizens now naturalized US citizens and Myanmar citizens living in the USA who are interested in US - Myanmar relations at one time or another.

During the time when sanctions were imposed by the US government on the military regime, it was not possible to form such a joint chamber of commerce for obvious reasons.

Momentum  established in March 2011

However, the momentum for forming a Joint chamber of commerce between the two countries gained strength with the coming into power of the pro-democracy and reform minded government of President U Thein Sein in March 2011.

As the movement towards political and economic reform became clearer certain community leaders in the New York area began discussing seriously about forming a joint chamber of commerce between the two countries.  The main objective is for the promotion of commerce, trade and investments for the benefit of the people.

Founding Board of Directors

During September 2012, a series of preliminary meetings were held in New York to discuss in detail about how to incorporate such a chamber in New York.

The first official founding meeting of the Myanmar-US Chamber of Commerce (MMUSCC) was held on 17 September 2013 and the following persons were confirmed as Board of Directors.  

  1. Mr. William Su - Chairman and President
  2. Dr. Kyaw Tun - Vice President
  3. Mr. Frank Ng - Vice President
  4. Mr. Vincent Wong - Secretary
  5. Mr. Kyaw Myaing - External Relations
  6. Mr. Jonathan Chang - Treasurer
  7. Mr. Patrick Wang - Joint Secretary
  8. Mr. Htin Myaing
  9. Mr. Tin Ohn
  10. Mr. Ed Wong
  11. Mr. Simon Wong

Ms. Mimi Myint Hpu was later appointed as External Relations Advisor in recognition of her contributions in connecting the MMUSCC with Myanmar authorities, most notably the UMFCCI and the Presidential delegation to the UN in September 2012.

Chamber meets President U Thein Sein in New York, 2012

A special delegation headed by Mr. William Su met President U Thein Sein and his delegation at the Mark hotel in New York on 28 September 2012.  The main points discussed at this meeting were:

  • ul-bullet the environment and the need for environmental protection as the country continues to develop, especially industrial pollution;
  • ul-bullet hotels and tourism;
  • ul-bullet the possibility of having a MyanExpo in New York or any other suitable city to promote Myanmar products and services and to promote investments in Myanmar and to increase the volume of trade between the two countries;
  • ul-bullet health care and health care services;
  • ul-bullet upgrading legal services for the corporate sector with special emphasis on trade agreements, commercial contracts and international litigation;
  • ul-bullet TOKTEN : Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals; and the need to have more funding from UNDP for the Country Programme in Myanmar.

Although the Myanmar - US Chamber of Commerce was founded in September 2012, it may be regarded as a continuation of the efforts made by the Myanmar Chinese Association which has been in existence since the year 1976.


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