Myanmar - U.S. Chamber of Commerce (New York)

What We Do

  1. We act as a bridge between the two countries to promote trade, commerce, investments and business .
  2. We advocate on behalf of businesses to both governments of Myanmar and the United States of America for a favorable environment of trade, commerce, and investments.
  3. We provide advisory services to businesses, entrepreneurs and investors internationally to assist with conducting business in Myanmar.
  4. We provide sharing of information to our members about doing business in Myanmar and the United States of America.
  5. We organize seminars, workshops and conferences for the business communities of both countries.
  6. We organize trade and business delegations to Myanmar from the US A and vice-versa to better business relationship and best practices.
  7. We work with various communities' development in both Myanmar and USA.

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    Myanmar-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 96 Bowery, 5th floor, New York, NY-10002
    Office : 212-966-6822
    Fax : 212-966-6837
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